A high-end R&D sheet coater that allows high precision slot-die coating down to 5nm layer thickness (dry). The system will meet the requirements of ambitious research laboratories demanding precision tools.


High precision automated slot-die sheet coating system

The µPrecision Sheet Coater provides an automated slot-die sheet coating system for high-end applications requiring high precision control of coating.

Easy repetition and user recipes

The intuitive software interface facilitates execution of repeated precision coatings in a controllable easily predictable manor, giving the researcher an insight into variables of the actual coating process.

Fully integrated system control

The µPrecision Sheet Coater comes with a fully integrated system control of slot-die head, pumps and substrate stage movement. XY stages allow for µ-precision movement of the slot-die head and substrate positioning, while the Z stage is optimized for ultra-smooth coating motion.


Coating is a skill that depends on the material formulation and solid content, substrate surface and material compatibility, the machine, the substrate, the drying and the operator. All results are subject to material composition and applicability for slot-die coating, molecular size, filtration and substrate quality. The system is capable of coating a layer thickness down to 15-20 nm with a coating uniformity variation of less than 5%. Normal operational modes within R&D solution processing rarely go below 20nm layer thickness. Single coating results have been observed as low as 5nm (dry) but this is entirely dependent on the applied material.

Test results

Below are test results obtained in a cleanroom setting by a skilled operator. Layer thickness was measured on a profilometer with +/-2nm resolution. Uniformity tests were performed with cellulose and dye in ethanol and films were tested when dry. Test facility Italian National Research Center, CNR-ISMN, Bologna. Read more here:

Uniformity test results example across 4 stripes with 3 measurement streaks along stripe – glass substrate.

Cellulose and dye in ethanol 4x1 stripe 13x300mm Stripe 1 Stripe 2 Stripe 3 Stripe Stripe 4
Streak A   19nm 19nm 16nm 16nm
Streak B   19nm 19nm 16nm 15nm
Streak C   17nm 19nm 16nm 15nm
Average   18,3nm 19nm 16nm 16.6nm


  • Precision sheet coating machine made from high precision, certified components
  • System built on a granite base for rigidity and vibration damping
  • One vacuum chuck flatness less than 27µ (stainless steel), better resolution available on silicon carbide chuck
  • One standard slot-die coating head
  • Motorised programed height adjustment with resolution of 1µm, 100mm travel
  • Motorised programed side shift adjustment with resolution of 1µm, 100mm travel
  • Motorised vacuum chuck movement with linear servo and drive amplifier
  • One synchronised material syringe pump (Option: 3 syringe pumps may be controlled simultaneously)
  • Touch screen interface
  • Coating speed 0,01 to 5.0 m/min (step less)
  • Camera
  • One consumable starter pack
  • Saving and retrieval of all coating and drying settings possible in user recipes
  • A recipe design interface to set feed speed, start timings, dwells and temperatures
  • Password controlled access and usage monitoring
  • Installed in a suitable fume hood, glove box or similar controlled environment
  • Coating system: H: 650-850 mm, D: 750mm, W: 950+360 mm 
  • Control box: H: 100mm, W: 400mm, D: 400mm
  • For the µPrecision Coater, drying is available as hot air, hot plate or IR lamp. For glove box installation, the air is dry and most materials set fast in this inert environment. Hence, a hotplate may be adequate for drying.


  • Additional standard pump
  • Higher viscosity pump
  • Stainless steel syringes – set of three (5, 20 and 50ml)
  • Custom made slot-die heads
  • Optional, 2-channel recipe controlled PID heating system for slot-die or mini slot-die systems
  • Monitor – for detailed viewing of coating
  • Vacuum chuck flatness precision grade µ15 (silicon carbide)
  • Hot air oven solution – depending on requirements
  • Heat recovery to customer water supply for glove box service
  • IR drying – depending on requirements
  • UV curing
  • Hot plate drying – depending on requirements
  • Installation in glove box – depends on access/space/type
  • Other coating and printing station options are available on request
  • Computer controlled electrical slot die heating


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