FISQ 集合式太阳能模拟器& 量子效率单元/h3>

FISQ 是一种集合式A级太阳能模拟器和外部量子效率衡量单元,其用户可在设备上进行细致的波长衡量。 点此阅读更多

Npl Portable Environmental Test Chamber System

Developed by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the system enables in-situ characterisation under highly controlled environmental conditions for material research applications.


The FOM FISQ integrated solar simulator and quantum efficiency measurement unit detailed device wavelength measurements. The affordable two in one system is compatible with both desktop and R2R in-line measurements.

FOM Photocurrent Mapping System - Desktop/Inline

The photocurrent mapping system provides a spatially resolved, quantitative image of a solar cell performance. It maps the entire sample in a matter of seconds to meet the demands of high sample throughput. The resulting images allow tracing manufacturing errors, evaluating visible defects and studying degradation effects.

Loadmaster 8000

The LOADMASTER 8000 sourcemeter allows easy setting of constant or programmable current while logging voltage on a choice of eight separate channels simultaneously. The compact design of the LOADMASTER instrument varies from other broad purpose sourcemeters by providing humidity and temperature measurements. It is ideal for multiple solar cells device testing.

FOM Device Testing Carousel

The FOM Device Test Carousel is a tool for automated testing of functional organic material devices like OPV and OLED. A stand-alone system to be used in combination with a solar simulator, built for productive labs in need of fast device testing.

Solar Cell Multiplexer

The Solar Cell Multiplexer is ideal for small scale solar cell device testing. The Multiplexer can test most standard laboratory device sizes. Given its compact size, it will fit under most solar simulator lamps. Applied together with a solar simulator, the Multiplexer enables testing of 16 organic or other types of solar cells simultaneously. This will speed up evaluation and test of solar cells, ensure uniform handling and enable long-term tests.