The Solar-X3 represents the front end of upscale processing. It combines the requirements of R&D with industrial output capacity. It provides researchers with an easy to operate, yet sophisticated machine, which allows for a variety of roll-to-roll coating and printing experiments. It is applicable to any solution processable material – organic, perovskite and other related PV technologies, OLED, LEC and many more.

The SOLAR-X3 R&D coater is a cost-effective coating machine designed for qualitative R&D solution processing of functional materials like OPV, perovskite PV, OLED, LEC and similar material technologies with a digital platform that enables integrated data collection and experimental flexibility.

Designed for experimental research

The SOLAR-X3 addresses the challenges associated with roll-to-roll equipment in R&D environments. Industrial roll-to-roll equipment often lacks the necessary freedom to experiment, adapt, correct, moderate and data collect as is common in research.

Easy operation

To accommodate the flow of the research process the SOLAR-X3 provides a flexible system that allows facile experimental adjustment, data collection and easy operation.

Modular built

The modular built SOLAR-X3 is fitted with all-around web access for easy maintenance, constant monitoring and control of the printed web. Furthermore, the SOLAR-X3’s construction enables custom configuration and positioning of the coating, printing and drying units ideal for R&D.

Digital control and data collection

The coater is based on a digitally controlled platform and provides process control and complete process data logging with export functions to enable researchers to analyse this data.

Data management

Automated documentation is key to handle large data volumes. The complete coating conditions are automatically logged by the control software and can also be printed alongside the coated area by a synchronised barcode printer/reader.

Coating & printing methods

The SOLAR-X3 facilitates the integration of multiple coating and printing methods to the machine frame, for example slot-die coating, flexographic, inkjet or laser scribing. In principal, any coating method can be integrated into the system.


The integrated, extensive and self-diagnostic monitoring system with Ethernet access provides detailed service support and offers online service as well as maintenance supervision.

Inbuilt industrial reconfiguration

For future reference, the coater is prepared for industrial production speed. This allows facile reconfiguration for industrial production once your research is ready for technology transfer to a commercial phase.

Technical specifications

The SOLAR-X3 consists of a base machine with an option to integrate various printing units configured according to customer specifications. It is designed with all-round easy web access for easy maintenance, constant monitoring and control of the printed web as well as easy threading of the machine. Upon request, the SOLAR-X3 is Atex compatible with certification.


  1. Constructed from modular sub-units (each W: 0.8 m, D: 1.1 m, H: 1.6 m, typically 5+)
  2. 13”/22” (330/560mm) industry standard web width
  3. An unwind, ultra sonic edge guide and splicing table
  4. Pre-treatment with double-sided ECO Web cleaning from Teknek Ltd.
  5. Pre-treatment with Corona unit from Vetaphone
  6. One flexographic printing station, servo driven with register control and slow-run function
  7. One DTU developed OPV slot-die coating head – automatic registration system (optional)
  8. Vertical or horizontal double pass hot air and IR oven (2 meter drying in 1 meter oven)
  9. Ink pump system
  10. Full servo closed loop tension control as well as pneumatic spindles with winding tension
  11. 3”/6” pneumatic unwind/rewind spindles with winding tension (other sizes available)
  12. Speed range 0.01m - 80m/min (higher speed upon request)
  13. Semi-cantilevered design for high stability and resolution accuracy
  14. Data logging and open software platform 15. Built-in remote access via internet with self-diagnostics


  1. Rotary screen printer (STORK, RSI compact)
  2. Additional printing stations can be retrofitted
  3. Inkjet
  4. Spray coating
  5. Multiple double pass oven and rewind. Additional drying sections, VUV, UV, IR, hot air can be fitted or retrofitted according to customer specifications.
  6. Additional slot die coating system for consecutive layer coating
  7. Automated BST guidance system for slot-die coating head
  8. Camera web guiding system for registration
  9. Lamination unit, inline or offline
  10. Die-cut station, rotary or laser
  11. Bar code reader/writer
  12. Sealed ventilation system for coating hazardous materials or atmosphere control
  13. Camera systems for visual inspection and data logging.
  14. Inline photocurrent flash imaging system – FPM250A LBIC type system
  15. FOM Laboratory Log Book – user adaptable data logging system for research and statistical analysis

Other solutions and custom adaptations are possible.

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