Solar Cell Multiplexer

The Solar Cell Multiplexer is ideal for small scale solar cell device testing. The Multiplexer can test most standard laboratory device sizes. Given its compact size, it will fit under most solar simulator lamps. Applied together with a solar simulator, the Multiplexer enables testing of 16 organic or other types of solar cells simultaneously. This will speed up evaluation and test of solar cells, ensure uniform handling and enable long-term tests.


The FOM Solar Cell Multiplexer is a compact solar cell test instrument compatible with most solar simulators on the market.


The connectors of the FOM Solar Cell Multiplexer spread across the entire surface area of the instrument in order for multiple cells or individual cells of various sizes to be tested.

The instrument provides internal temperature and two external thermocouples that can be read through the software, in addition to a photodiode to warrant the illumination level.

Given its compact size, the FOM Solar Cell Multiplexer will fit under most solar simulator lamps and makes fast and easy screening of devices possible.


  • Capacity of testing up to 16 solar cells simultaneously
  • Windows software for automatic testing 
  • Dual thermocouple inputs for cell temperature measurements 
  • Internal temperature measurement
  • Light intensity measurement by photodiode 
  • Size: H: 60 mm, W: 300 mm, D: 300 mm 
  • USB port connection