Slot Die Coating Heads

FOM Technologies offers a range of slot-die heads designed for research, addressing low volume material consumption and laboratory scale handling.

Low volume slot-die heads

The use of low volume slot-die coating for R&D purposes is a cost effective way to screen and identify material processing and film forming properties without wasting expensive materials.

Low volume slot-die heads are typically applied to the Mini Roll Coater, the R&S Sheet Coater and the µPrecision Coater systems, while the larger 150-500mm heads can be applied to the Solar-X3 roll-to-roll coating systems. Among the larger slot-die heads we feature the DTU developed 250mm OPV slot-die coating head applied in the research of Professor Krebs. 

Custom made solutions

Custom made solutions for integration on existing coating systems or alternative research constructions are available. Please inquire for further details. Contact us knap el. lign

Scaling up from spin-coating

Are you interested in implementing slot-die coating in R&D for the purpose of technology maturation towards industrial application? FOM Technologies can support this development from initial attempts to pilot scale and industrial implementation.

From small scale to roll-to-roll

Slot-die heads present a method of depositing materials in solution onto a substrate. In combination with the various FOM Technologies coating machines, most research applications are covered. From small scale single stripe coating to large scale multiple stripe coating, you can find literature references to FOM Technologies slot-die heads. 

The coating head solutions are available in a variety of sizes ranging from very small 1mm stripes up to 500mm coating width.


The slot-dies can be applied to technology areas such as OPV, perovskite, LEC, display, general materials research and nano materials as well as batteries, fuel cells, super capacitors and OLEDs. More specifically, the FOM Technologies slot-die heads can be applied to coating both active layers, PEDOT:PSS and silver nano inks for electrodes for full fabrication of OPV modules and printing of LEC electrode layers.

As an example, at Acreo-ICT and Linköping University Center for Organic Solar Cells, both run by Professor Olle Inganäs, slot-die heads from a few millimeters to 250mm width are implemented into a Solar-X3 coating line and the Mini Roll Coater for OPV and printed electronics research.


  • Printing width: 1mm to 500mm
  • Viscosity range: 1-10.000cP
  • Coating speed: 0.1m/min - 15 m/min
  • Heated die as option available
FOM 13mm slot-die assembly FOM 13mm slot-die assembly
  FOM 50mm Slot die assembly
FOM 100mm Slot die assembly FOM 100mm Slot die assembly