Nano Roll Coater

The Nano Roll Coater is an entry level compact desktop slot-die coating system. It enables small research groups and research students to gain access to small batch slot-die coating at a scale similar to spin coating.


Entry-level roll-to-roll compatible desktop slot-die coating system

The Nano Roll Coater for slot-die coating permits very small device batch processing at conditions easily transferrable to larger roll-to-roll systems. This hands-on slot-die coater allows research students and small research groups to screen film forming properties of materials and to develop new device architectures. The Nano Roll Coater is a valuable asset in terms of time optimisation, materials use and research development.

Scaling up from spin-coating

The Nano Roll Coater is the natural step up from spin coating giving researchers looking for the next step a compact scale option to coat flexible substrates and to perform multiple device processing, film forming studies and materials screening.

Solution processing

Solution processing is a widespread approach to create devices. By applying the Nano Roll Coater the user is capable of processing materials to test film forming, material roll-to-roll compatibility and build hands-on research coating and processing insight.

The system can be applied to solution processing of any functional material technology.

Low material consumption – easy operation

When moving beyond spin coating, researchers have to consider material consumption given the typically associated cost or limited availability. The Nano Roll Coater has been developed especially with this in mind and provides an overall dead volume well below 1ml. The easy to operate tablet or phone interface allows controlled coatings and documenting process parameters.

Early implementation of industrial type processing in materials research

Early implementation of slot-die coating enables investigation into material properties, understanding device processing, material film forming properties and device architecture build-up of material layers towards technology maturation and industrial application.

User benefits

  1. Understanding device processing, material film forming properties and device architecture build-up
  2. Roll-to-roll compatible slot-die coating - transferrable parameters for upscaling and industrial application
  3. Easy material film forming testing
  4. Material roll-to-roll compatibility screening
  5. Hands-on research experience in coating functional materials
  6. Process development tool
  7. Very small footprint for operation in a fume hood or glove box
  8. Device processing time optimisation
  9. Minimal material consumption
  10. Easy alignment of multiple subsequent layers
  11. Slot-die head is simple to assemble, disassemble and clean
  12. Easy to use

General specifications

  1. Roll-to-roll compatible slot-die coating
  2. Integrated drying (heated drum ambient – 140 ˚C)
  3. Adjustable coating speed 0-2 m/min
  4. Very low ink consumption – dead volume less than 50μL (for 13mm coating head), overall ca. 1ml
  5. Machine dimensions: H: 300mm, W: 450mm, D: 200mm
  6. Plug and play if installed in fume hood with 230V power supply
  7. Designed for operation in a ventilated fume hood or glove box

Option examples

  1. Custom designed slot-die head
  2. Heated slot-die
  3. Materials for coating and printing
  4. Substrates and barrier materials
  5. Additional consumables – tubes, syringes, connectors etc.

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Online demonstration video

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