FOM R&D Sheet Coater

The R&D Sheet Coater is a unique, compact, versatile, flexible, robust and easy to use system for coating of functional materials onto sheets of rigid and flexible substrates combined with inline drying.



R&D slot-die sheet coating system

The system was designed for research in thin-film coating of functional materials like OPV, OLED, LEC or other solution processable material technologies such as super-capacitors, displays or batteries and materials such as graphene.

Inline coating and drying – hot air or IR

The system is unique due to its integrated oven solution, which enables inline stripe or full area coating by slot die, combined with hot air drying or IR in a compact setup, fitting in a fume-hood or possibly a glove box.

Coating recipes and low materials consumption

The system is fitted with an integrated syringe pump to enables low volume controlled material distribution and user recipes development. Coupled with the specially designed slot-die heads, materials waste is minimized and hence low material consumption becomes the norm.

Morphology development

The inline oven provides a functional tool to perform morphology experiments through its versatile menu settings and temperature control. The standard version uses a 2-zone hot air/gas system. Each zone is individually temperature controlled and monitored, with adjustable jet gap and stand-off. The coating station and oven are decoupled to mimic a much longer oven – similar to much larger roll-to-roll coating system drying conditions. An optional infrared curing station with carbon or other IR emitters is also available.
The system has a computer controlled air/gas handling unit with integrated blower and exhaust to the customer’s extract duct. An optional heat recovery system is available to enable installation in a glove box with a solvent recovery system.

A step up from spin coating

The R&D Sheet Coater enables accelerated development of device architectures, material formulations and material processes by providing a platform between R&D small batch processes, such as spin coating, and the roll-to-roll processes needed for industrial implementation.

User benefits

Designed with a controllable research coating setup, the FOM R&D Sheet Coater provides a thought through system designed by researchers for researchers.

The system gives you -

  1. Slot-die coating and drying in a single solid, compact and functional system
  2. Controlled experimental slot-die coating and drying – oven dwell for prolonged annealing experiments
  3. Slot-die head with shims and guides for custom coating pattern or specially designed mini slot-die heads, 1-150mm
  4. Oven providing experimental freedom to mimic drying scenarios similar to roll-to-roll type coating machines
  5. Flexible and simple installation
  6. Compatibility with most substrate types
  7. Precise, reliable coating capability designed for R&D
  8. Programmable coating and drying software with setting of coating speed and drying speed and build of recipes
  9. Fast change between slot-die heads for multiple material coating

General specifications

  1. R&D Sheet Coater coating system with slot-die coating head mount, 2-zone-oven, drive motor
  2. Control box containing temperature controls and safety systems
  3. Programmable coating and drying programme with independent setting of coating speed and drying speed using customer recipes
  4. Oven dwell option for annealing and substrate pre-heat option
  5. Slot-die head with interchangeable shims and meniscus guide
  6. Integrated syringe pump for supplying ink to coating head with control of pump to set pump rate for coating thickness
  7. Substrate carriers and consumable starter pack

Options and customization

The R&D Sheet Coater comes with a range of options for customer adaptation. If a R&D facility requires process specific adaptations to enable in-depth specific technology parameters, FOM Technologies can assist in such customisation of our systems or alternatively develop custom systems that suit the specific field of use.

Option examples

  1. IR drying
  2. UV curing
  3. Additional slot-die heads
  4. Additional pump
  5. A choice of motorized stages
  6. Vacuum chuck – compatible with oven
  7. Consumables – materials, substrates, barriers
  8. Training
  9. Heated slot-die head

Please contact us for a detailed product data sheet or any enquiries regarding specifications of a system fitting your requirements.

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