Compact Sheet Coater

The CSC was designed for research in thin-film coating of functional materials: OPV, perovskites, OLED or any other solution processable material.




It is the latest in a large series of laboratory up-scaling equipment designed and manufactured by FOM Technologies used worldwide in advanced material research. With its heated vacuum chuck it allows for film forming in a controlled manner giving the user the ability to set pump speed, coating speed and drying temperature.



The system is fitted with a syringe pump to allow for low volume controlled material distribution. Coupled with the specially designed slot-die heads low material consumption and low materials waste becomes the norm. With the standard fitted 13 mm slot-die head the system operates with a material dead volume of less than 15 microliters. Ideal when experimenting with expensive materials.


Thin film coating

The system is ideally suited to the thin-film coating needs of R&D, for example organic electronics (e.g. fabrication of perovskite or OPV modules) and any advanced functional materials, that may be solution processed. It represents the first step from spin coating towards industrial type processing and provides proof of concept in the researchers up-scaling effort. The system is capable of coating using slot die as standard.

 CSC 80mmHead croppedWatermarked

Compatible with different substrate types
  • Heated vacuum chuck.
  • Applicable for flexible and rigid planar substrates types.
  • Vacuum chuck ~A4 size (210x290mm).
  • Temperature range ambient up to 160 dgr. C.
  • Coating speed 0.1 – 2 m/min.
  • Slot-die 13mm (standard).
  • Programmable syringe pump.
  • PLC interface.
Site requirement
  • To be installed in a fume hood or similar controlled ventilated environment, when coating hazardous materials
  • The customer will supply necessary ventilation needed to protect users against fumes from use of volatile materials.
Approx. Dimensions Machine outer dimensions in mm: H450 x W490 x L800
  • Coater and control systems in standard configuration, 230V, 10A. (available in 110V)
  • 600W heated vacuum chuck.
  • Connecting wall plug must be earthed/Grounded.
Compressed air 8mm OD connection port for compressed air at 100-200l/min.
Options Various sizes of slot-dies are available from 1mm - 200mm coating width.


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